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Spear fishing and diving

Spear Fishing Article - A Dangerous Spear Fishi...

Mar 28 2012 07:10 PM | Capt. Garry in Spear fishing and diving

This spear fishing article is a good lesson for those just learning how to spearfish. This is one of those spear fishing articles that everyone interested in learning to spear fish or that are already experience with many spearfishing trips under their belts should read just to add to their knowledge about spear fishing safety and snorkeling safety. Hunting octopus with a spear gun, especially catching large octopus, can be dangerous and should be done with caution and you should find a dive partner for sure when you decide to take up the sport of spear fishing for Octopus. This is an exciting snorkeling and spearfishing story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and be a truly valuable spearfishing lesson that you will remember! Enjoy!

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How To Spear Fish - Spear Fishing Techniques an...

Mar 28 2012 04:57 PM | Capt. Garry in Spear fishing and diving

Learning how to spear fish in the ocean will let you enjoy the best of two worlds, fishing and hunting all in one!  This spear fishing article covers how to spear fish from A to Z including spear fishing equipment, spearfishing tips and techniques, along with everything your need to get started in learning how to spear fish.  This spearfishing lesson is one of the most complete spear fishing articles available on line for those interested in learning how to spearfish from a fellow spearfisherman with over 40 years of experience.  Although this article is about spear fishing on the north coast of California, the spearfishing basics that you will learn here, including spear fishing safety, will be valuable no matter where you decide to try spear fishing.  Learn how to spearfish in this informative spearfishing article.

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Getting Sea Urchins - How to get sea urchins

Mar 28 2012 07:25 PM | Capt. Garry in Spear fishing and diving

Getting sea urchins is easy if you are abalone diving or snorkeling.  The biggest rule when learning how to get sea urchins is to be very careful as their spines are sharp as a needle and will penetrate your shoe or glove.  Gathering sea urchins is done when snorkeling or diving and you must have a bag to put them in so as not to pop your dive tube or hurt you when you carry.  Getting sea urchins is a great way to add to your sushi feed as they are excellent tasting and no extra equipment for getting sea urchins is required.  This sea urchin article should be all you need to learn how to gather sea urchins and is another fun scuba diving story to read with some good safety tips for snorkeling and spear fishing in the ocean.  Enjoy!

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Ten Best Free Diving Safety Tips

Apr 24 2012 01:45 PM | Capt. Garry in Spear fishing and diving

Following a few basic diving safety rules when free diving for abalone or spear fishing from shore can mean the difference between life and death.  Free Diving safety rules are a little different, but every bit as important, as scuba diving safety rules.  Here are my top ten basic free diving safety rules for you to print out for your diving club or diving shop for the customers to have.  DO NOT miss our very in-depth abalone diving instruction article and our spear fishing article which go hand in hand with each other in giving every diver an in depth look at how to dive.

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How To Rock Pick Abalone - Rock Picking Abalone...

May 16 2012 05:28 AM | Capt. Garry in Spear fishing and diving

Rock picking abalone is a fun and rewarding sport when you are at the ocean in Northern California.  How to rock pick abalone successfully just takes knowing a few rock picking tips which I will explain in this article.  Getting abalone off of the rocks when there is a “minus” tide allows people of all ages to enjoy getting abalone without diving for them.  Abalone are huge water snails that attach themselves to the rocks under the water.  When the tide is extremely low, which happens a few times a year, the abalone are actually out of the water in some places, and getting them while walking to them is called “rock picking abalone”.  Don’t get me wrong, they are not simply lying on the rocks.  They are hidden in crevasses, between and underneath the rocks, and can usually only be found by feel and not by sight.  So my friends, here is how to rock pick abalone in a nutshell.

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How to Dive for Abalone - Diving for Abalone an...

Nov 03 2011 10:35 AM | admin in Spear fishing and diving

How to dive for Abalone. Abalone diving lessons from an abalone diver with 40 years of experience. All the Abalone Diving Tips along with abalone diving safety tips that you need in one abalone diving article!  Learn to dive for abalone here and how to spearfish with this abalone diving lesson and the in depth spear fishing article here on Fishnfools.com

You will learn all about how to abalone dive in this easy to read and highly informative abalone diving article which is the most in depth abalone diving article currently found on the internet.

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Spear Fishing Tips and How To Spearfish - On Th...

Mar 28 2012 07:44 PM | Capt. Garry in Spear fishing and diving

If you want to learn how to spear fish and add to what you learn so you can have some fun spear fishing trips in the future, you will definately want to read this spear fishing article.  This is one of the best spear fishing tips and one of the most unique spear fishing articles that you will ever read.  It is not just one of those articles about spear fishing, it is a one of a kind spearfishing article that I doubt you will find at any other spear fishing blog or website on the net.  This spear fishing article discusses how use fishing hooks when spear fishing so you can have one of the most fun spear fishing trips that you have ever had as well as a new way to catch fish when diving and snorkeling.  Read it and you will like this spearfishing lesson for sure!  Enjoy!

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