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Fish Spawning Temperatures, When Bass and Other Fish Spawn

The key to catching fish when spawning  is knowing the right places to look and the water temperature that triggers the fish to spawn.  The fish will move into shallow water and search for a place to build their nests when that spawning temperature reaches the desirable point and they feed aggressively in the couple weeks prior to when they spawn, as well as attack anything near their nests, as bass fishermen are well aware of,  so knowing the right temperature when fish spawn is a great tool to have in one’s tackle box of tricks.  I have included as list of spawning temperatures for fish that are fished for sport most often below that I have gleaned from various spots on the internet.
Most of the time the males are the nest builders in all types of fish spawning as well as the one responsible for guarding the nest and young fry from predators.  You might find a female lingering near the nest from time to time, but she will not be inclined to bite a lure out of anger like the male will.  You might tease her all day by dropping your lure on her nose and she will ignore it, while the male will try and kill it!  In the spring, usually in April, the bass will spawn in very shallow water from about 18 inches to 3 feet and are visible on their nests and “Sight Fishing Largemouth Bass” and other fish is a popular technique for catching huge black bass by anglers.  The bass might spawn several times in the spring and many times use the same nest and may have two or more nests from different females in the same vicinity at the same time being diligently guarded by the one father bass.

Here is a list of some of the spawning water temperatures for the most popular game fish.  The temperatures are in Fahrenheit.

Largemouth Bass 68-72
Smallmouth Bass 59-60
Spotted Bass    63-68
Yellow Bass   62-66
Cherokee Bass 55-57
White Bass    57-68
Striped Bass 59-65
Muskie   49-59
Walleye 45-51
Northern Pike 40-52
Sauger   40-45
Paddlefish 50-55
Warmouth   75-80
White Crappie    60-65
Black Crappie 62-68
Bluegill   70-75
Green Sunfish    75-85
Red ear 68-75
Channel Catfish 75-80
Blue Catfish    70-75
Flatheads    66-75
Bullhead Catfish 79-89
Carp    63-75
Rainbow Trout 50-55
Brown Trout    47-52
Brook Trout 45-48

These are typical temperature ranges where fish spawn and almost every species will spawn several times during the spring and move from areas that are too warm into waters that are just right as too warm or cold of water is lethal to the various fish’s roe.  The time of year that these fish spawn will vary by location due to the air temperature and other factors so one state in the south such as Texas may see their fish spawning long before Minnesota and you will see those up in some shallow pond spawn long before those in a moving river carrying the spring snow melt.  A thermometer to drop in at a depth of 3 to 8 feet might be more handy than you realize.  Anyway, good luck fishing and a little catch and release of some of these fish isn’t a bad idea and keeping only enough for your fish fry is also a great idea.  No matter what kind of fishing floats your boat, there is probably something for you here in the hundred-plus fishing articles in Capt. Garry's Fishing Blog so take a look at the categories and check it out a minute.  Make sure you put us in your favorites too, Capt. Garry is always adding new articles!.  We added fishing forums to our site as we found we had several thousand visitors a month and we wanted to make our free site better for our folks.  Share your tips there and help us get them kicked off!  Thanks, Capt. Garry.
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