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Good Fishing Tips and Techniques For Catching Fish

Using A Trailer Hook When Trolling - How to use...

Mar 29 2012 02:39 AM | Capt. Garry in Good Fishing Tips and Techniques For Catching Fish

Using a trailer hook when trolling with night crawlers and using a trailer hook when trolling with minnows is done the same way, at least it is when I use a trailer hook for trolling. In either case, I do not attach the trailer hook to the minnow or nightcrawler. I let it freely dangle just at or behind the end of the minnow or nightcrawler and the movement through the water while trolling takes it back and even makes it have a little action to attract the fish. My dad taught me howto use a trailer hook for trolling with minnows and night crawlers and he always insisted that using a trailer hook that is hooked through the tail of the minnow or worm killed the action of both the bait and the trailer hook. He was one of the best fishermen that ever crapped behind two shoes, or at least that’s what he told me, and he caught a lot of fish trolling so I have to just go with it! Some days we would go trolling with minnows in Lake Oroville in northern California and come back with limits of German Browns, rainbows, and salmon between 2 and 8 pounds. Of those, we would catch 80% of them using his method of using a trailer hook for trolling so who can argue!

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Fish Spawning Temperatures, When Bass and Other...

Apr 29 2012 03:47 PM | Capt. Garry in Good Fishing Tips and Techniques For Catching Fish

The key to catching fish when spawning  is knowing the right places to look and the water temperature that triggers the fish to spawn.  The fish will move into shallow water and search for a place to build their nests when that spawning temperature reaches the desirable point and they feed aggressively in the couple weeks prior to when they spawn, as well as attack anything near their nests, as bass fishermen are well aware of,  so knowing the right temperature when fish spawn is a great tool to have in one’s tackle box of tricks.  I have included as list of spawning temperatures for fish that are fished for sport most often below that I have gleaned from various spots on the internet.

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Best Fishing Trip Of My Life - One of the best...

May 30 2012 03:50 PM | Capt. Garry in Good Fishing Tips and Techniques For Catching Fish

One of the best fishing trips I ever had was a float a friend of mine and I took when we were in college down the Sacramento River from Redding to Chico.  It was the one of the best fishing trips for a lot of reasons, mostly because we caught so many different varieties of fish.  But, it was also one of the best fishing trips because it was free!  Free fishing trips are hard to come by and we had no idea we were going on one of the best fishing trips money could buy when we started this float trip.  It was a classic “wild hare” that ended up taking us on a nine day journey.  We caught largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, rainbow trout, huge channel catfish, and an 8 pound steelhead.  I am almost 60 years old now and this was one of the most unforgettable fishing trips I have had in my life and one of the best fishing trips that I have even heard of anyone taking.  Let me share one of the best fishing trips of my life with you below in case you too decide to get a wild hare of your own!

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Fishing In The Sacramento Delta, Sacramento Del...

Mar 29 2012 04:54 PM | Capt. Garry in Good Fishing Tips and Techniques For Catching Fish

Fishing the Sacramento Delta is some of the best fishing in California. This article is all about fishing in the Sacramento River Delta and the San Joaquin delta and where they meet before they flow out through San Francisco Bay and under the Golden Gate Bridge to the ocean. Once you learn where to fish in the Sacramento Delta for Striped Bass, the best sturgeon fishing areas in the Sacramento Delta, and where to fish for largemouth bass in the Sacramento delta, it will be hard to fish in your old fishing spots. This blog site is loaded with great articles on how to catch sturgeon , sturgeon tackle that you will need,  and the ever important  information on how to use a sturgeon snare.  Also, make sure you read the many truly unique striped bass fishing articles here in Capt. Garry's Blog  site, which is recongized by Google and fishermen as one of the top fishing blog sites on the net.  Now Read on about Fishing the Sacramento Delta in California.

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Learning How To Fish - Fishing tips for beginne...

May 29 2012 03:03 PM | Capt. Garry in Good Fishing Tips and Techniques For Catching Fish

Learning how to fish is not difficult at all.  The best way to learn how to fish is to keep it simple.  You don’t have to learn how to fish from a professional as learning how to fish can often best be done at the local “mom and pop” bait shop in your area.  These folks that own the bait shop, along with the usual gang found there drinking coffee and shooting the breeze usually know the best ways to catch fish in your particular area as well as what is easy to learn to fish for along with what is biting at that time of year.  For those just learning how to fish, these folks in almost every case will bend over backwards to help you learn about fishing.  After all, you then become another customer for them and another person to tell their same favorite stories to that everyone else has heard dozens of times!  Below are some other ways for learning how to fish.

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How To Use Minnows and How to Bait Minnows Best

Mar 29 2012 04:34 PM | Capt. Garry in Good Fishing Tips and Techniques For Catching Fish

How to bait minnows on the hook depends on the way you are fishing. Baiting minnows for crappie and how to use minnows for black bass are the same if you are using a bobber to fish them. A big factor in how to put minnows on a hook is whether the minnow will be sitting in one spot or whether you will be trolling with a minnow or using a minnow as live bait with a bait casting rig.

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