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Using a Solunar Table - How To Use a Solunar Table and a Free Solunar Table - Solunar chart

Using a solunar table might be a great fishing tip.  Here is a good article written by a friend of mine on how to use a solunar table for fishing fotr lake trout in California.  I haven't paid much attention to fishing by the phases of the moon but he swears by using a solunar table for all types of fishing everywhere.  He gave me the link below to a good solunar table that you might find useful.   Check out this solunar table site and if you have any other solunar tables that are free, we would love to have you share it with us in the comments below this article and in our fishing forums here on Fishnfools.  I think he mentioned that Field and Stream has free solunar tables to use also for those of you who want to try fishing by the moon's location.
This article is about how to use a solunar table for catching fish.  It was written by an ex-fishing guide that swears by using a solunar chart.  Read this article and you may be sold on fishing by the phases of the moon as well.  He also included this link to a solunar table for you to check out.


I have been fishing Lake Almanor in Northern Calfiornia since I was 15 yrs old. I was a guide for more than 10 yrs on the lake. I can tell you a little story how well using a solunar table works.
I had been on a real good bite for about a month, limits every day in a few hours. In Almanor a limit is 5 fish, and the average fish was running about 3 lbs with a few up to 6 lbs. I knew where the fish were and what they were feeding on, now the only trick was determining when they would bite. I learned that the solunar charts were the answer for figuring this out.

I had a call one day from across the lake at Hamilton branch and they had some folks who wanted to fish the next day. I made the booking and they asked me what time I would pick them up at the dock. I explained that I had been on the fish for more than 30 days and the solunar chart said the major feeding time would be noon till 3 pm. So many times I would tell folks what time the fish would bite, but they always think early in morning, so I would take them out and we would catch nothing for hours until the bite came on just like I predicted. The bite will change 45 minutes a day just like the tides. The day before I had taken limits in 2 hours and started at 11 am. They thought I was crazy, so I guaranteed we would catch fish and they agreed. Now this is the funny part. I showed up at noon to pick my fishing clients up at the dock at Hamilton branch and the owner of the resort and all his friends were laughing at me for taking folks out at noon. Well the joke was on them. We only had about 1 mile to where the fish were. I lowered 1 down-rigger and before I could get the second one down we had a fish. It was fish non-stop. By 2 pm we had limits and there were 2 guests and myself so we were allowed 15 fish.  All of them were in the 3 to 6 lb range! I returned to the dock were they were all laughing at me, I had to use to 2 steel plastic sacks to haul the fish as our catch weighed over 50 lbs.  I dumped the fish in the cleaning sink. NO one could believe it. But they saw it with their own eyes. I had an orange bimini top on my Skipjack and it was the only orange top on the lake. I could always hear people on the radio looking for the boat with the orange top. From that day on no one questioned my ability. But my secret was the solunar charts.

Just because you know when they will bite, that is only part of the puzzle. Now you need to know where they are and what they’re feeding on. When you get all 3 you are on the fish and in business!
(Submitted by Jeff Cusick)

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Debbie Freeman
Jun 05 2012 11:00 PM
So true!!! Jeff was the best!!! I have also used the Field and Stream Solunar Charts for fishing lakes since I learned this from Jeff--it works great!!
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