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Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

Presenting Bait To Trout - Best Trout Fishing Tips

Mar 29 2012 03:53 PM | Capt. Garry in Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

One of the best trout fishing tips for stream fishing that I can tell you is how to properly present the bait to trout when trout fishing in streams. A good basic trout fishing lesson is how to present bait naturally to trout which is all about the drift. Presenting a fly to trout in a stream or the presentation of any bait to a trout when stream fishing has the same goal and underlying concept and judgeing the stream along with using the proper tackle to obtain the best trout bait presentation are discussed in this trout fishing technique article. Make sure you read our entire trout fishing section if you like to trout fish as there are some of the best trout fishing tips available in these articles. Feel free to browse our entire fishing blog's articles for all types of fishing as the amount of fishing information will blow you away and you will come to see why this fishing blog is rated among the best fishing blogs on the internet to date!

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Fishing For Trout With Power Bait

Mar 28 2012 04:11 PM | Capt. Garry in Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

Catching trout with power bait in lakes is usually the most effective way to fish for lake trout when fishing from shore.  Using power bait to catch trout when fishing in lakes requires a simple, but essential, power bait set up that allows the power bait to float off the bottom of the lake 18 inches or so where the fish are feeding and can see it.  Fishing with power bait is perfect for fishing in lakes because the power bait naturally floats so it is just a matter of baiting power bait correctly.  You should also check out my article here on the best lures for fishing for trout as well and if your are fishing for lake trout with a boat, read the one about trolling for trout in lakes as well.  Both good trout fishing articles.

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The Best Lure For Trout Fishing In Streams - Th...

May 18 2012 03:02 PM | Capt. Garry in Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

What is the best lure for stream fishing trout?  In my opinion, Panther Martin lures are the best lure for catching trout in streams by far, but I have had some pretty good luck with cast master lures as well in the larger bodies of water and in when trolling for trout in lakes.  Using a lure when fishing for trout in a stream requires that it looks like something trout naturally feed on, that it can be casted with accuracy, and that the retrieve can begin before the lure hits the bottom and picks up moss or snags.  I have used a lot of lures for catching trout in streams over the years and I have long ago come to the conclusion that Panther Martin lures are the best lures for trout fishing in creeks.  Matter of fact, when I go stream fishing for German Brown trout, Brook Trout, or even rainbow trout, I leave with four or five Panther Martin lures as my entire tackle box!  If you love trout fishing, make sure you check out the entire trout fishing article section on our site.  It's a fun read and you will learn something about trout fishing in both lakes and streams.

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How To Troll For Lake Trout - Trolling For Trou...

May 27 2012 05:03 AM | Capt. Garry in Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

Trolling for lake trout in the spring near the shore is one of the best lake trout fishing techniques that I know.  Knowing how to troll for trout in lakes along with how to rig for trolling in lakes without downriggers including how to use a trailer hook are important tips for catching lake trout that you should know.  Rigging for trolling in lakes is very simple and learning how to troll for lake trout using the trout trolling methods that I explain here is equally as simple.  One of the trout trolling techniques that I share with you here will be different than what you expect, but it’s the best technique for lake fishing that I have found except that sometimes fishing with Power Bait from shore is the answer.  It involves trolling in shallow water for lake trout very near the shore including a little lesson on the best speed for trolling for trout as well as how to steer the boat.  Because the tackle is so light, this is one of the most fun ways to catch lake trout as well.  Also, don't miss our other great stream and lake trout fishing articles here on our site!

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Using a Solunar Table - How To Use a Solunar Ta...

Jun 05 2012 03:14 PM | Capt. Garry in Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

Using a solunar table might be a great fishing tip.  Here is a good article written by a friend of mine on how to use a solunar table for fishing fotr lake trout in California.  I haven't paid much attention to fishing by the phases of the moon but he swears by using a solunar table for all types of fishing everywhere.  He gave me the link below to a good solunar table that you might find useful.   Check out this solunar table site and if you have any other solunar tables that are free, we would love to have you share it with us in the comments below this article and in our fishing forums here on Fishnfools.  I think he mentioned that Field and Stream has free solunar tables to use also for those of you who want to try fishing by the moon's location.

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Fishing For Wild Trout in Streams - Stream Fish...

Jun 06 2012 04:52 PM | Capt. Garry in Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

Catching wild trout is nothing like catching planted trout.  Fishing for wild trout requires patience and that you stalk them like you are hunting.  The bait for catching wild trout is important as well and knowing when to fish for wild trout is essential.  This article will teach you about how to catch wild trout including where to fish for wild trout, the best time of day to catch wild trout, and the best bait for wild trout fishing along with other wild trout fishing tips and techniques.

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Catching Stocked Trout, Fishing for planted tro...

Jun 08 2012 02:38 PM | Capt. Garry in Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

Catching stocked trout is much different than catching wild trout.  Knowing how to catch planted trout and the best bait for catching stocked trout are handy things to know, given that the majority of streams in some areas are stocked with planted trout and catching stocked trout is a great way to spend a day with friends and family. The best places to catch stocked trout might be right at your doorstep and you have a great trout angling opportunity awaiting you and your kids or grand kids.  My friends and I have an annual tradition of meeting at a nearby creek on opening day of trout season every year and fishing for stocked trout and having a great lunch of trout wrapped in tin foil with butter, garlic, and corn on the cob!  The best tackle for catching planted trout is inexpensive and, unlike fishing for wild trout, which there is a great article on here in this blog site, you can fish at any time of day and even kids can have a great trout fishing experience.  Fishing for planted trout is fun for all ages, and a great way for beginners to learn to fish.  So here is how to catch stocked trout in creeks and streams so you can have a successful trout angling trip!

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