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How To Use A Sturgeon Snare - Using a Sturgeon Snare Properly

How to use a sturgeon snare when you are sturgeon fishing is something you must know.  Using a sturgeon snare is many times the only way to land a big sturgeon that won't fit in a fishing net.  You will learn how to use a sturgeon snare in this article and about using a sturgeon snare so you don't damage sturgeon that are to be released.  What is a sturgeon snare will be clear to you as well upon reading this sturgeon fishing article as well and you are certainly encouraged to read the other helpful sturgeon fishing articles here in my blog as well to learn all about good sturgeon fishing techniques, bait, and rigging for sturgeon.  There is a good article on how to clean a sturgeon as well here. Read on!
How to use a sturgeon snare is the subject of this article and is important if you plan on landing that big sturgeon.  You can usually use a large net for the smaller sturgeon, but using a sturgeon snare is essential for those too large to fit in the net.  It is not just and aid to help land the sturgeon into your boat, but there is almost no other way to get the sturgeon into the boat other than using a sturgeon snare.  You certainly aren’t going to grab it’s body with your hands unless you plan on getting them sliced to shreds from the razor sharp ridges that run from head to tail all around the sturgeon!  And, leaning half out of the boat and reaching down and grabbing an 80 or 100 pound sturgeon by the gills is not the smartest thing one can do and can cause it to panic and break the line or the pole.  Going sturgeon fishing without a sturgeon snare and a little knowledge on how to use a sturgeon snare would be like heading to the bathroom without TP---a bad idea that will prove out when you need it!

The sturgeon snare is pretty much just a cable that runs through a metal pipe so that one end has a loop that will be put over the sturgeon and tightened around him and the other has a handle to pull it tight with.  The sturgeon snare is built so that when you tighten it around the fish, it locks in place and will not slip back until you release it.  It will tighten more, but once tight, it will not loosen until you release a catch that is holding it.  The catch is on the end of the pipe with the handle and is a simple flaired piece that pulls up out of the top of the pipe releasing the bind on the cable.

When the fisherman that has the sturgeon on gets it tired and up to the boat, hopefully so tired that it is belly up and exhausted, you will slide the loop of the sturgeon snare over the tail of the sturgeon up to the area of the body right behind the gills and cinch down on it firmly and quickly.  Be prepared for some last flailing by the fish when you do this and hang on to the snare tightly.  Take care not to damage the gills of the fish so it can be released safely if you want or if it is legally too large or small to keep.  If you are fishing alone, having that fish worn completely out is essential.  Really, you should always have a friend with you when fishing sturgeon if at all possible.  Call me, I’ll let you buy the beer and bait!

Then lift that giant sturgeon on board and it is not a bad idea to have another buddy our you get a hold of the gills as it is lifted up to help lift the weight and keep it securely in the snare, just in case.  Using a sturgeon snare is pretty self explanatory but it never hurts to learn how to use a sturgeon snare and the importance of having a sturgeon snare with you when you are fishing for sturgeon.  

The sturgeon snare can be used on certain other fish, but not fish like striped bass as their bodies are shaped differently and they are a lot more hyper at the boat.

Good luck sturgeon fishing and here is an article on how to clean a sturgeon if you are lucky enough to catch one.  Sure like to see your pictures so make sure you join our FREE site and post your pics for us and the world to see!  Check out our fishing forums and post any questions you have and feel more than free to write a fishing blog here on our site which is Free and simple.