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Best Striped Bass Trolling Tips, Best lures for catching striped bass, and trolling for striped bass near the bank

Trolling for stripers is one of the best ways to catch striped bass and a fun striper fishing technique among the many other ways to fish for stripers. The best speed for trolling for striped bass is usually faster than most people would think. Striped bass swim fast and will attack anything that they can catch. Even though your striper trolling speed is fast, if you think about it, you are probably still trolling much slower than what the average bait fish can swim when he has a big open striper mouth behind him! Having said that, like any fish, striped bass eat what they can catch and often an injured or slow baitfish is easy prey. These might move a little slower and be the best food for a striped bass at the time. So, when you are trolling for striped bass, you may alter your speed from time to time if they aren’t biting and see if you can stir up some striper action. However, you may want to move to a different area if you have made 8 or 10 passes in an area and you have had no luck or perhaps try some bait fishing for stripers in case they are being lazy.
Another of my best tips for trolling for striped bass is that once you catch a big striped bass, continue to fish that same area. You might want to make a loop and fish that same area immediately and in the same direction as when trolling for striped bass you will often find them in groups or schools. After all, the best place to troll for striped bass is where they are and never look a gift horse in the mouth! There may be a big concentration of bait fish, crawfish, a desirable current flow, or some other thing attracting striped bass to the area along with the fact that fish like to hang out with other fish. Make several passes through this area before you continue on as this may be the best striped bass trolling you come across this striper fishing trip.

One of the best striped bass trolling trips to try is if you notice that there are fingerling salmon or other fish being planted, start trolling by any docks, pilings, or shade and structure in that area. The striped bass will move in immediately to take advantage of these disoriented bait fish and will feed on them in a frenzy! I have a good striped bass trolling article here in the Fishnfools.com fishing blogs on how to troll for striped bass in this situation using two lures at a time and catching stripers two at a time while trolling when they are in this feeding frenzy. There are a few other good striped bass fishing articles as well in Capt. Garry’s fishing blogs on Fishnfools.com too so make sure that if you like fishing for stripers that you read these informative striper fishing articles as well. One great article has a chart of when about every sport fish spawns which is a one of the best fishing tips you can get! Matter of fact, Capt. Garry’s fishing blogs are the best fishing blogs to learn about all sorts of freshwater and saltwater fishing and other fishing activities including spear fishing, frog gigging, catching snapping turtles and all kinds of other fun fishing trips. There are great articles for beginners to learn how to fish and many more helpful fishing articles. Make sure you take a minute and share your best striper fishing techniques in our fishing forums or even write your own fishing blog in our fishing blog site here on Fishnfools.com. Also, show us your trophy fish in our fishing photo gallery, or even your fun fishing pictures. Fishnfools is free and fun so join us now!