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Striped Bass Fishing

Fishing For Striped Bass In Shallow Fast Flowin...

Mar 29 2012 05:16 AM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

Fishing for striped bass in swift water that is shallow with only a live bullhead or minnow is a great striped bass fishing technique that I promise will be some of the best striped bass fishing you will ever experience. There is no weight and the stripers strike right at the boat where your line and drag are unforgiving! Fishing for striped bass in shallow flowing water coming out of a wier, pond, or any place where it is swift and apt to have baitfish coming out is what you are after. Read this striper fishing article and you will want to try it tomorrow!

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How To Use A Bait Runner Reel and How to Fish W...

Mar 28 2012 03:28 PM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

You need to know how to use a bait runner reel for catching striped bass if you already don't use one properly. Using a bait runner reel for fishing stripers is one of the most effective ways to catch big striped bass of the many ways to catch striped bass. With this bait running rig the bait fish remains alive and swims and presents itself naturally to the fish. Using very large baitfish with this bait runner setup can be a way to catch those huge stiped bass without losing your bait to the smaller fish every time you turn around. My cousin caught a monster using a bait fish over 25 inches! Using a bait runner real and how to fish with a bait runner reel is explained fully here so read on and enjoy!

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Best Striped Bass Trolling Tips, Best lures for...

Jun 01 2012 05:54 PM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

Trolling for stripers is one of the best ways to catch striped bass and a fun striper fishing technique among the many other ways to fish for stripers. The best speed for trolling for striped bass is usually faster than most people would think. Striped bass swim fast and will attack anything that they can catch. Even though your striper trolling speed is fast, if you think about it, you are probably still trolling much slower than what the average bait fish can swim when he has a big open striper mouth behind him! Having said that, like any fish, striped bass eat what they can catch and often an injured or slow baitfish is easy prey. These might move a little slower and be the best food for a striped bass at the time. So, when you are trolling for striped bass, you may alter your speed from time to time if they aren’t biting and see if you can stir up some striper action. However, you may want to move to a different area if you have made 8 or 10 passes in an area and you have had no luck or perhaps try some bait fishing for stripers in case they are being lazy.

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Fishing For Stiped Bass Using Cut Bait and Bait...

Mar 29 2012 05:22 PM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

Fishing for stiped bass using cut bait such as anchovies, sardines, and shad is a great way to kill a day and to teach kids how to catch striped bass.  There are other baits that you can use such as pile worms and blood worms that are among the best striper baits to use, but using cut bait is right up there with the all the other striper fishing methods.  Catching striped bass on bait is busy fishing usually as you find yourself catching striped bass that are undersized quite often.  Also, when you are fishing for sturgeon, you are fishing while anchored and you can bait a second pole for stripers, which are usually right with the sturgeon, and kill to birds with one stone!  Sturgeon will also hit about any cut bait that a striper will eat as well.  But, if you like fishing for striped bass, this is fun fishing even for the experienced.  When a big striper grabs that cut bait, you know it and some of the biggest striped bass I have ever caught were by using cut bait and fishing from the bank.  Teaching kids how to fish for striped bass with bait will hang with them the rest of their life and bait fishing for striped bass will keep them occupied as well while you enjoy your fishing!  Just make sure the first thing you do is teach them how to cut bait and bait their hooks so you don't become a fishing nanny!  Good luck

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How To Catch Bait Fish For Striped Bass, Catchi...

Mar 29 2012 03:38 PM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

How to catch bait fish for striped bass fishing is something every striper fishing soul should learn. Not only can it lead to catching huge striped bass, it can save you scads of money on your striped bass fishing bill! A large gobe can run several dollars apiece and one of the best striped bass bait fish that you can get in this area can’t be bought in a bait shop. Fishing with live bait, whether using a bait runner reel or tossing your live bait into fast moving shallow water, usually leads to catching big stripers and not losing all of your bait every few minutes to the small stripers, like when you are using cut bait to fish for striped bass.  This striper fishing article will be a valuable asset in your striped bass fishing tool box no matter which of the many striped bass fishing methods you choose to employ.  You will find this out on your next trip to the bait shop and you will find that it is tough to but very large bait fish for catching trophy stripers.

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Trolling For Striped Bass and How to Troll for...

Mar 29 2012 04:54 AM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

Trolling for striped bass seems boring until that big striped bass about rips the pole out of the pole holder. Knowing how to troll for striped bass is important for every striper fisherman that owns a boat.  Some times trolling for stripers is one of the best ways to fish for striped bass when they are not hitting cut bait or they are schooled up and moving around.  Trolling for stripers can also lead to some great meals besides some of the best striped bass fishing you have ever had so learn about it in this striped bass fishing article and enjoy!

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Catching Striped Bass With A Bobber - A good st...

Jun 21 2012 02:48 PM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

Catching striped bass can be done in many ways, as you can see by reading my fishing blog here on Fishnfools.com.  Catching striped bass with a bobber is another striped bass fishing technique that you might try.  It is a simple way to catch striped bass that most folks have never tried and is a great way to catch striped bass that is exciting and relaxing along with not needing a bunch of expensive tackle.  Give this striped bass fishing technique a try and let me know what you think of this striper fishing tip.

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