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Catfishing - Channel Catfish, Blue Catfish, Bullheads, Others

How To Catch Bullhead Catfish - Yellow Cat Fishing

Catching bullhead catfish can be fast and furious fishing when they are about to spawn.  The water temperature for bullhead catfish to spawn is between 79 and 89 degrees but much colder when their eggs and sperm are developing and these yellow catfish bite best during this period.  This time, when the water is cold and clear, is the best time for catching yellow catfish as their meat is firm and mild to the taste.  Later, when the water warms up, they can get a little mushy and muddy tasting but they are one of the best eating catfish if you get them at the right time and place.  Catching them is easy and fun.  Here is how to catch bullhead catfish in a nutshell so take the kids and have some fun catching catfish as fast as you can reel them in.  Don't miss this killer channel catfishing article either!

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Catching Channel Catfish Using Lures and Bait -...

Channel catfishing is different than catching bullheads, blue catfish, and others.  Channel cats swim faster, are much more aggressive, and like swift water.  Catching channel catfish is more active as they cover a wider range and hunt midstream, on the bottom, and even on the top of the water!  I have caught a bunch of channel catfish in the main stream of the river in mid summer as well as in backwater sloughs while casting spinner baitsand crank baits for black bass.  I have caught them on minnows when  I was crappie fishing and fishing with nightcrawlers just for them in really swift water that was flowing over a weir.  Catching channel catfish is not to be overlooked as a great freshwater gamefishing sport.  Channel cats also can fight like hell, especially a ten pounder!

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