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Spinnerbait Fishing - How to use a spinnerbait. The best spinner bait is the one that is in the water!

Using spinnerbaits is a great way to catch bass almost anywhere and at any time.  Fishing with spinnerbaits is exciting and much easier than you think and a good consistent way to catch bass.  I feel the same way about fishing with senko worms, crank baits, and frogs.  I love fishing black bass, but I will admit that I am more of a weekend warrior and not as serious about it as many are, as I spend a lot more of my time diving and spear fishing, abalone diving, trout fishing, striped bass fishing, frog gigging, and all my other bad habits that I am more serious about and have written in depth about!  But, for many beginner fishermen with limited time, money, and effort, this article is a good practical spinnerbait article.
Spinnerbait fishing is a method that is easily employed by pro bass fishermen as well as beginners.  How to use spinnerbaits and when to use spinnerbaits is a subject that you will find many in depth articles on, but my spinnerbait tips are to just use them often and don't get caught up in all the details of the types of baits, tails, spinners and such and just get the darn thing in the water!  Don't get me wrong, some spinners and baits might work better in various places and at different times, but this is something that you can learn over time.    Retrieving spinnerbaits and fishing with a spinnerbait is not a science and you will find that just taking a couple colors with you and actually getting them in the water will lead to more success than sitting around reading the best spinnerbait articles you can find!

The best color spinnerbait to use is the one you have in your tackle box or one you can buy for a good price.   My brother and I would usually just opt for the charteuse skirted one and the white skirted one with a double spinner on them usually of some sort.     Hungry bass or a bass ready to kill anything in sight for being too close to its nest are not half as picky as you might think.   I always like to keep a white spinnerbait, a chartreuse spinnerbait, and then a darker color or two.  I do like a little red on them, but if not, so be it.  I rarely add a worm or tail to the spinnerbait, but many do.  I can see how it might attract some larger fish and deter the smaller ones.

As far as spinners go, I usually use a single spinner as it is more successful on a consistent basis and they are cheaper.  Speaking of cost, I am not big on spending a fortune on tackle.  The best spinner baits have ball bearings in the swivels and some other features, but this is not important to me as I know that where I fish the spinner bait and how it is retrieved is a hundred times more important than some minute detail like this will ever be.  

The best color for the spinner on a spinnerbait is silver.  Some folks use gold and I am sure that in some waters that this is a good choice, but I have consistently had the best luck with the silver spinner.  I rarely even have a gold spinner in my tackle box to be honest with you.

Spinnerbaits are made to fish around logs, grass, docks, brush.  With the hook riding behind the spreader wire and facing upward, you can retrieve it through about anything without getting as snag as you would with a crankbait.  I like to use pretty heavy line most of the time (10-12#) so I can pull it through and around structure without losing it, as well as horse the fish over and under logs and brush.  Most pros use a high dollar bait casting reel, but I use both a bait caster and a spinning reel and do just fine.  I have found that either one causes the beer in the ice chest to disappear at the same rate!

How to retrieve a spinner bait is a subject that there are many opinions on.  The best way to retrieve a spinnerbait is the way that catches fish and you can philosophize all you want, but until you get out there and fish, you will not know what is best that day.  Mostly, I start out by retrieving a spinnerbait just under the water so at times it throws a small wake.  Then, I will let it fall a little and retrieve it a little slower so there is no wake and I am fishing a foot or two deep.  Sometimes I will shift my rod tip up and down or from side to side to give the spinnerbait a little odd action like a drunken fish stumbling home from the bar.  Other times, I will let it sink deep and reel very slow and drag it over some deeper branches and structure.  I usually will try all these in one area before I move on.  I like to cast as near the bank as possible and fish out to the boat as who knows where those wily little buggers are hanging out.  If I do see one on a nest, I cast as far beyond it as I can and guide it right in to the awaiting bass.  If I am fishing from the shore with spinnerbaits, I cast along the bank and hold my pole out beyond the grasses and moss and retrieve it as well as cast over and around any structure I can reach that is further out.  The moral of the story is that there is no wrong way to retrieve a spinnerbait and you should try anything that floats your boat at the time.

The best spinnerbaits are the ones that you get off your butt and put in the water and in my not so pro bass fishing opinion, it is hard to go wrong by following my spinnerbait fishing advice that I have laid out in this article.  If you have some good spinnerbait fishing tips, we would love to hear them here in comments to this article or in our fishing forums on our site.  Anyway, you can rely on my spinnerbait fishing methods as I have a lot of experience because when the perch stop biting and the serious fishing ceases, I put away my bobber and worms and grab a spinnerbait and have some fun catching bass on spinnerbaits!

We would love to have some serious bass fishermen and women write fishing blogs here on Fishnfools.com so our members can learn the best bass fishing and other fishing techniques from those that really can teach us something.   Our site is 100% free and our blogs are very easy to use and our site is a popular fishing site that has many top ranking articles in Google and is set up to make yours be found as well with no cost or effort.  Writing is fun and it really is appreciated by the fishing community.  Our blog site requires no work at all and is all set up to go in just a couple of clicks.  Join our free and fun community now and  and have some fun!
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