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Bass Fishing - Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, And Other Bass

Using Crankbaits, How to use a crankbait, best...

When fishing with a crankbait for bass, you must consider a few key factors.   These factors are primarily, what is the best color crank bait for fishing in the area you are fishing in, what is the best depth to fish crank baits to catch the most bass, and how to fish with a crank bait for best results.  As you will come to find out, only actually trying different types of crankbaits and fishing them at different depths and around different structure will actually answer these crankbait fishing questions for certain.  However, there are a few crankbait fishing tips that are helpful to begin with and I will share a few of my thoughts with you on how to use a crankbait, my favorite colors of crankbaits, and how I like to fish them along with where to use a deep diving crankbait, where to use a shallow diving crankbait, as well as the mid diving crank bait.  Enjoy this article and the other 100+ other articles I have written here and take a minute and check out our fishing website! Its all 100% Free!

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Sight Fishing Bass, Catching Bass on their Nest...

Sight fishing largemouth bass is a favorite type of bass fishing for many black bass fishermen.  What is sight fishing, you ask?  This is seeing the bass on their nests and using a lure to anger them into attacking it as they protect their eggs.  Fishing for bass while they are on their nest in the springtime is one of the best bass fishing methods and the most popular bass fishing techniques employed by bass fishermen during the springtime.   The bass are spawning in shallow water when the water temperature reaches the mid 60 degree range and are often visible from the surface on their nests and these males, who are the ones who build and guard the nest, are very aggressive and will attack any invader with full force and the intent to kill the predator.  Seeing the bass on their nests as you search along for them, and then casting in to their nesting area is what sight fishing is all about.  Catching bass while spawning with a “creature” bait, such as a frog, lizard, fish or other lifelike lure or even using a spinner bait if that is all you happen to have, by teasing these watchful future fathers can be a highly productive bass fishing method and one of the most exciting bass fishing methods you can find.

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Spinnerbait Fishing - How to use a spinnerbait....

Using spinnerbaits is a great way to catch bass almost anywhere and at any time.  Fishing with spinnerbaits is exciting and much easier than you think and a good consistent way to catch bass.  I feel the same way about fishing with senko worms, crank baits, and frogs.  I love fishing black bass, but I will admit that I am more of a weekend warrior and not as serious about it as many are, as I spend a lot more of my time diving and spear fishing, abalone diving, trout fishing, striped bass fishing, frog gigging, and all my other bad habits that I am more serious about and have written in depth about!  But, for many beginner fishermen with limited time, money, and effort, this article is a good practical spinnerbait article.

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Fishing Senko Worms - How To Fish Senko Worms,...

Knowing how to use senko worms for bass fishing is a must for all bass fishermen.  Fishing with senkos is a great way of  catching post spawn bass in the spring and using senko worms when the fish are in deeper water at any time is always worth a try when you are having trouble catching them.  Fishing with a Yamamoto senko worm can be done in several ways.  Rigging the senko can be done either in a weedless Texas style or by rigging the senko in a “whacky” manner, or less commonly with some weight.  I will explain the best way to use a senko worm in more detail below- at least how I have had the best success fishing with the plastic senko worm.  I also like fishing with spinnerbaits and my philosophy on using them is simpler than most folks' and I would love to hear more comments on that and more of your thoughts and ideas on using a senko worm.

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Catching Bass in Small Farm Ponds - How to fish...

Catching bass in a small pond or fishing for bass in a farm pond is much different than catching bass in large ponds or lakes.  Bass fishing in small ponds requires just a few small pond fishing techniques and tips that I will discuss in this bass fishing article.  You will learn the best ways to catch bass in a farm pond and how to fish bass in small ponds successfully in just a few minutes of reading and I am sure you will find this to be one of the best farm pond fishing articles that you have run across.  Our fishing blogs are the best fishing articles on the net so browse around and enjoy the many useful fishing articles that are available here on Fishnfools.com.

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