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Spear Fishing Article - A Dangerous Spear Fishi...

Mar 28 2012 07:10 PM | Capt. Garry in Spear fishing and diving

This spear fishing article is a good lesson for those just learning how to spearfish. This is one of those spear fishing articles that everyone interested in learning to spear fish or that are already experience with many spearfishing trips under their belts should read just to add to their knowledge about spear fishing safety and snorkeling safety. Hunting octopus with a spear gun, especially catching large octopus, can be dangerous and should be done with caution and you should find a dive partner for sure when you decide to take up the sport of spear fishing for Octopus. This is an exciting snorkeling and spearfishing story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and be a truly valuable spearfishing lesson that you will remember! Enjoy!

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Fishing For Striped Bass In Shallow Fast Flowin...

Mar 29 2012 05:16 AM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

Fishing for striped bass in swift water that is shallow with only a live bullhead or minnow is a great striped bass fishing technique that I promise will be some of the best striped bass fishing you will ever experience. There is no weight and the stripers strike right at the boat where your line and drag are unforgiving! Fishing for striped bass in shallow flowing water coming out of a wier, pond, or any place where it is swift and apt to have baitfish coming out is what you are after. Read this striper fishing article and you will want to try it tomorrow!

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Back Trolling for Salmon - How to back troll fo...

Dec 15 2012 05:03 AM | Capt. Garry in Salmon Fishing and Steelhead Fishing

Back trolling for salmon is one of the most popular ways to salmon fish from a boat. Backtrolling for salmon in rivers from a boat allows you to move from hole to hole and take the lure to the salmon, rather than sitting in one spot and waiting for the salmon to swim by your lure. The best lure for back trolling for salmon is a silver Kwikfish or Flatfish, which are also good for fishing salmon from the shore. They are pretty much the same lure and have the same action. Many fishermen swear by using a sardine wrap on the lure when back trolling for salmon. Some recommend spraying your lure with WD40 lubricant and lately, some folks are adamant about putting a crawfish scent on a salmon lure. Regardless, learning how to back troll for salmon is important if you plan to fish rivers for salmon and this article will give you some good tips on back trolling, the tackle for back trolling and how to rig for back trolling. And don’t miss these other articles on how to catch salmon here either as you may find those will be invaluable at times.

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How To Use A Bait Runner Reel and How to Fish W...

Mar 28 2012 03:28 PM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

You need to know how to use a bait runner reel for catching striped bass if you already don't use one properly. Using a bait runner reel for fishing stripers is one of the most effective ways to catch big striped bass of the many ways to catch striped bass. With this bait running rig the bait fish remains alive and swims and presents itself naturally to the fish. Using very large baitfish with this bait runner setup can be a way to catch those huge stiped bass without losing your bait to the smaller fish every time you turn around. My cousin caught a monster using a bait fish over 25 inches! Using a bait runner real and how to fish with a bait runner reel is explained fully here so read on and enjoy!

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Salmon Fishing in Rivers With Glow Bugs - A Goo...

Dec 10 2012 05:31 PM | Capt. Garry in Salmon Fishing and Steelhead Fishing

This technique for casting for salmon from the bank is one of the most popular ways of fishing for salmon from the shores of rivers. It is much more common than using a flatfish to fish salmon from shore or casting with Mepps lures on gravel bars for salmon, which are explained fully in those articles, which also have their time and place. My friends and I have the nick name for this type of fishing as “long lining” and you will see why when this type of fishing is explained fully further in this article. Only a tuft of yarn-type material, known as a glow bug, is used for the lure for this type of salmon fishing. This salmon fishing method is done in swift water, usually just above where the water slows as it falls into a deeper hole so that at the end of your drift your salmon fishing setup is just entering the head of this slow water. This is a casting for salmon type of fishing so when your tackle enters this slower pool, you will immediately reel in and re-cast. Again, this is a very effective salmon angling method and my buddy and I have gone out and caught 3 or four in a morning, which is pretty good action for any day of salmon fishing.

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Presenting Bait To Trout - Best Trout Fishing Tips

Mar 29 2012 03:53 PM | Capt. Garry in Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

One of the best trout fishing tips for stream fishing that I can tell you is how to properly present the bait to trout when trout fishing in streams. A good basic trout fishing lesson is how to present bait naturally to trout which is all about the drift. Presenting a fly to trout in a stream or the presentation of any bait to a trout when stream fishing has the same goal and underlying concept and judgeing the stream along with using the proper tackle to obtain the best trout bait presentation are discussed in this trout fishing technique article. Make sure you read our entire trout fishing section if you like to trout fish as there are some of the best trout fishing tips available in these articles. Feel free to browse our entire fishing blog's articles for all types of fishing as the amount of fishing information will blow you away and you will come to see why this fishing blog is rated among the best fishing blogs on the internet to date!

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Best Striped Bass Trolling Tips, Best lures for...

Jun 01 2012 05:54 PM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

Trolling for stripers is one of the best ways to catch striped bass and a fun striper fishing technique among the many other ways to fish for stripers. The best speed for trolling for striped bass is usually faster than most people would think. Striped bass swim fast and will attack anything that they can catch. Even though your striper trolling speed is fast, if you think about it, you are probably still trolling much slower than what the average bait fish can swim when he has a big open striper mouth behind him! Having said that, like any fish, striped bass eat what they can catch and often an injured or slow baitfish is easy prey. These might move a little slower and be the best food for a striped bass at the time. So, when you are trolling for striped bass, you may alter your speed from time to time if they aren’t biting and see if you can stir up some striper action. However, you may want to move to a different area if you have made 8 or 10 passes in an area and you have had no luck or perhaps try some bait fishing for stripers in case they are being lazy.

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Shad Fishing, How To Shad Fish and Shad Fishing...

Dec 07 2012 04:42 AM | Capt. Garry in Shad fishing

Shad fishing in the late spring on ultra-light equipment has to be one of the most enjoyable fishing experiences out there. The shad are not that big, usually between about a pound and a half to five pounds, but they fight like they are three times their size! They catch the current with their wide bodies like a schooner captures the wind and your drag has better be set right or you will be up for a re-rig. We all know how those little wide-bodied bluegill fight and shad are like a giant bluegill! The best thing is that a lot of days you catch several per hour and every one is a challenge. By the end of a good shad fishing day, your you-know-what is kicked and your arm is tired and cramped. Of course, you can’t wait to do it all over again the next day! This Picture is of me with the biggest shad out of the thousands I have caught in my life and it is a true lunker! I wish I would have weighed it now as it may have been close to a record.

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How to Dig Clams, Clam Digging Tips, Best Way T...

Jun 05 2012 09:37 PM | Capt. Garry in Frog Gigging, Clam Digging, Urchins, Mussels and More!

Learning how to dig for clams is pretty simple.  Clam digging for horseneck clams, digging for Washington clams, digging soft shell clams, and digging for geoduck clams is very similar.  Learning to dig for clams of these varieties is the types of clam digging discussed in this clam digging article.  Digging cockle clams and razor clams is done a little different as they live more on the open gravely and sandy beaches, while horse neck clams, geoduck clams, Washington clams, and soft-shell clams are more in the backwater mud flats in bays along the ocean.  Digging clams is fun for the whole family and another great thing to do if you are at the ocean abalone diving or fishing.  Learning how to dig clams just takes a little practice at finding clams to dig and the right tools, such as a clam pump that you can build yourself, and learning the best way to dig clams.  This article on how to dig horseneck clams, and how to dig clams found in the same area as horsenecks,  should give you a good clam digging start.  If you like clams, you probably would like mussels as well (or want them as bait if your are fishing from the shore) so don't miss the article here on getting mussels.

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How To Spear Fish - Spear Fishing Techniques an...

Mar 28 2012 04:57 PM | Capt. Garry in Spear fishing and diving

Learning how to spear fish in the ocean will let you enjoy the best of two worlds, fishing and hunting all in one!  This spear fishing article covers how to spear fish from A to Z including spear fishing equipment, spearfishing tips and techniques, along with everything your need to get started in learning how to spear fish.  This spearfishing lesson is one of the most complete spear fishing articles available on line for those interested in learning how to spearfish from a fellow spearfisherman with over 40 years of experience.  Although this article is about spear fishing on the north coast of California, the spearfishing basics that you will learn here, including spear fishing safety, will be valuable no matter where you decide to try spear fishing.  Learn how to spearfish in this informative spearfishing article.

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Jigging For Crappie - How to Catch Crappie With...

Apr 06 2012 06:57 PM | Capt. Garry in Crappie Fishing, Bluegill Fishing, Other Panfish

Jigging For Crappie

Jigging for crappie has always been one of my favorite kinds of fishing.  Not only is it usually productive and relatively fast action, they are definitely one of my favorite fish to catch and eat along with fishing for bluegill and perch. Nothing makes a better picture or story than a five foot stringer of crappie and the ensuing fish fry that comes with it!  Catching crappie with jigs and fishing for crappie with minnows is what this crappie fishing article is all about!  Good luck with your crappie fishing trip and I hope the crappie bite is on!

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Salmon Fishing In The Sacramento and Feather Ri...

Dec 29 2012 06:01 PM | Capt. Garry in Salmon Fishing and Steelhead Fishing

Fishing for salmon on the Sacramento River in northern California is a fishing hobby that is popular among many of the state’s fishermen.  Catching salmon in the Sacramento River, or it tributaries such as the Feather River, is a fall activity with the season running usually from the middle of August until the middle of December.  How to catch salmon in the Sacramento River depends on whether you have a boat or not, for the most part, as well as what type of salmon fishing you enjoy.  For instance, my brother likes casting a Mepps lure and letting it “roll” on the gravel on the bottom, my dad was old and he liked sitting behind a flatfish in a boat or off the bank, and I like back trolling flat fish, jigging, and I really enjoy casting a Glo-bug off of the shore using a method my friends and I call “long-lining”. Any of the below is a good way to catch salmon in the Sacramento River.

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Using A Trailer Hook When Trolling - How to use...

Mar 29 2012 02:39 AM | Capt. Garry in Good Fishing Tips and Techniques For Catching Fish

Using a trailer hook when trolling with night crawlers and using a trailer hook when trolling with minnows is done the same way, at least it is when I use a trailer hook for trolling. In either case, I do not attach the trailer hook to the minnow or nightcrawler. I let it freely dangle just at or behind the end of the minnow or nightcrawler and the movement through the water while trolling takes it back and even makes it have a little action to attract the fish. My dad taught me howto use a trailer hook for trolling with minnows and night crawlers and he always insisted that using a trailer hook that is hooked through the tail of the minnow or worm killed the action of both the bait and the trailer hook. He was one of the best fishermen that ever crapped behind two shoes, or at least that’s what he told me, and he caught a lot of fish trolling so I have to just go with it! Some days we would go trolling with minnows in Lake Oroville in northern California and come back with limits of German Browns, rainbows, and salmon between 2 and 8 pounds. Of those, we would catch 80% of them using his method of using a trailer hook for trolling so who can argue!

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Fish Spawning Temperatures, When Bass and Other...

Apr 29 2012 03:47 PM | Capt. Garry in Good Fishing Tips and Techniques For Catching Fish

The key to catching fish when spawning  is knowing the right places to look and the water temperature that triggers the fish to spawn.  The fish will move into shallow water and search for a place to build their nests when that spawning temperature reaches the desirable point and they feed aggressively in the couple weeks prior to when they spawn, as well as attack anything near their nests, as bass fishermen are well aware of,  so knowing the right temperature when fish spawn is a great tool to have in one’s tackle box of tricks.  I have included as list of spawning temperatures for fish that are fished for sport most often below that I have gleaned from various spots on the internet.

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