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Saltwater Fishing

Fishing The Ocean From Shore - Rock Fishing Fro...

Mar 29 2012 05:41 PM | Capt. Garry in Ocean Fishing From Shore, Great Shore fishing tips

Fishing for rock fish from shore is a great way to enjoy a day of fishing at the ocean with very little expense or hassle. Rock fishing from shore usually will yield you a good meal or two of fine tasting fresh fish and some days your shore fishing efforts will amaze you! I have gone fishing for rock fish from the shore one day and caught my limit and gone the next day and caught four. But, seldom has there been a day when my shorefishing efforts didn’t pay off enough for at least dinner.  You can try fishing from beaches, but don’t expect much. Rockfishing is where most of the fish are caught except for perch most of the time.  The best bait for catching rock fish is also the free kind. We will discuss what kind of bait to use for fishing from the shore of the ocean for rock fish a little later along with where to fish for rock fish from the shore.  Also, make sure you read this killer article on catching rock fish and eels with a "poke pole"!

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How To Catch Surf Perch and Surf Perch Fishing...

Mar 29 2012 04:16 PM | Capt. Garry in Ocean Fishing From Shore, Great Shore fishing tips

How to catch surf perch and how to surf fish from a beach is much the same question as the surf perch such as the rubber lip, red tail, shiner, silver, and barred perch are the main fish that you will catch when surf fishing on a beach. You will run across the occasional stingray and even a shark once in a while, but in reality, you mostly are catching surf perch when fishing on the beach from my experience. The ling cod, Cabazon, and other bottom fish like to hang out in the rocky areas and there is a great article on shorefishing for those here. Catching crab on the beaches is a common occurrence as well.

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How to Fish The Ocean From Shore - Where, The B...

Apr 06 2012 06:27 PM | Capt. Garry in Ocean Fishing From Shore, Great Shore fishing tips

Fishing the ocean in California, and many other places, can be tricky and dangerous but can be easy and fun, along with safe, if you follow a few guidelines, tricks, and hints that are included in this article as well as this other shore fishing article.  Although beach fishing is shore fishing too, this article is about fishing for rock fish from the rocky areas of the ocean as that is my interest and what I have had the most success with.  So, here is a little help with how to catch fish from shore at the ocean, where the best places to fish for rock fish from shore are and the best bait for fishing for bottom fish and rock fish from the shore of the ocean.

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Sand Dab Fishing - How To Catch Sand Dabs - Tip...

Fishing for sand dabs is a great fishing experience.  Sand dabs are a small flounder, similar to a petrale sole or Dover sole.  They resemble a halibut but they are a small flounder that a halibut could eat in one bite.  Knowing how to catch sand dabs will truly add to your ocean fishing fun and sand dabs are excellent for eating.  I think the sand dab fishing tips and techniques in this article on how to catch sand dabs is a good, solid, start towards your sand dab fishing success.  Make sure you check out our rock fishing articles and our surf perch fishing articles here to for more fun on your ocean trip!

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