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Frog Gigging, Clam Digging, Urchins, Mussels and More!

How to Dig Clams, Clam Digging Tips, Best Way T...

Jun 05 2012 09:37 PM | Capt. Garry in Frog Gigging, Clam Digging, Urchins, Mussels and More!

Learning how to dig for clams is pretty simple.  Clam digging for horseneck clams, digging for Washington clams, digging soft shell clams, and digging for geoduck clams is very similar.  Learning to dig for clams of these varieties is the types of clam digging discussed in this clam digging article.  Digging cockle clams and razor clams is done a little different as they live more on the open gravely and sandy beaches, while horse neck clams, geoduck clams, Washington clams, and soft-shell clams are more in the backwater mud flats in bays along the ocean.  Digging clams is fun for the whole family and another great thing to do if you are at the ocean abalone diving or fishing.  Learning how to dig clams just takes a little practice at finding clams to dig and the right tools, such as a clam pump that you can build yourself, and learning the best way to dig clams.  This article on how to dig horseneck clams, and how to dig clams found in the same area as horsenecks,  should give you a good clam digging start.  If you like clams, you probably would like mussels as well (or want them as bait if your are fishing from the shore) so don't miss the article here on getting mussels.

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How to Poke Pole for Eels - Catching eels with...

Dec 26 2012 03:14 AM | Capt. Garry in Frog Gigging, Clam Digging, Urchins, Mussels and More!

Using a poke pole for catching monkey faced eels is truly a fun fishing activity.  Catching monkey faced eels with a poke pole is requires little tackle or expense, like some types of fishing.  You can also catch rock fish with a poke pole as well when you are catching eels as they hang out in the same rocky areas.  Many folks use a poke pole for catching cabezon fish, which are a delicacy. Learning how to use a poke pole for eel fishing is a very simple task that pretty much consists of shoving the pole under rocks and moving from hole to hole at low tide.  Read on and learn how to make a poke pole for catching eels and rockfish, the best bait for catching eels with a poke pole and how to fish with a poke pole when you are at the ocean.

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Catching Rock Crab and Catching Bay Crab By Hand

Mar 29 2012 04:10 AM | Capt. Garry in Frog Gigging, Clam Digging, Urchins, Mussels and More!

Catching rock crab and catching bay crab by hand at low tide on mud flats like as explained in this crabbing article is a real kick in the pants!  We discovered how to catch red crab like these when we happened to be clam digging at low tide.  You will really enjoy this crab fishing article as it is a fun read and I doubt anyone knows how to catch rock crab, red crab, and bay crab this way.  Perhaps, they won't want to use this crabbing technique even when they learn how to catch crab this way!  Might lose a finger!  Read on.

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How To Catch Crab By Hand, Rock Crab, Red Crab,...

Mar 29 2012 04:17 AM | Capt. Garry in Frog Gigging, Clam Digging, Urchins, Mussels and More!

Every sportsman should know how to catch rock crab if you visit the ocean. There are several ways to catch rock crab that do not involve a trap. Catching rock crab is a pretty entertaining activity and you get some of the sweetest crab meat that you can find. The main ways that I get rock crab is by picking them up when I see them when I am diving for abalone or spear fishing, finding them in the rocks and tide pools at low tide, and catching rock crab by hand when I am clam digging which I explain fully in this article.

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How To Get Mussels, and Cooking Mussels

Mar 29 2012 04:27 AM | Capt. Garry in Frog Gigging, Clam Digging, Urchins, Mussels and More!

This article is about how to get mussels off the rocks at the ocean, how to clean and prepare mussels for cooking, and how to steam them the best way for eating. There isn’t a lot to getting mussels, but without having a few tools and a little basic knowledge it can be somewhat intimidating. With the information here in this article, you will find yourself being admired as an old pro at gathering mussels!  Then, your culinary abilities will shine when you prepare mussels and cook mussels the ways that I teach you how to cook mussels in this article!  Read the clam digging hints here too to make your dinner unforgetable!

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How To Catch Crawfish in Rice Fields

Apr 06 2012 06:05 PM | Capt. Garry in Frog Gigging, Clam Digging, Urchins, Mussels and More!

Catching crawfish in rice fields is a blast.  Crawdad fishing other ways is fun and slow but getting these crayfish by hand in rice is fast action and fun for everyone!  Nothing is more fun than dumping a huge pot of fresh steamed crawfish in the middle of the table and to begin pinchin’ tails and suckin’ heads with all your friends.  Here is how to catch crawfish in rice fields, when to catch crawfish, and a good way to catch crawfish withour a crawfish trap. And don't miss all the other articles on everything from sturgeon fishing, frog gigging, spearfishing in the ocean, to getting sea urchins for sushi, steelhead fishing, striper fishing, and a bunch more fishing stuff!

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How To Jug For Catfish and Jugging for Snapping...

Mar 29 2012 04:07 PM | Capt. Garry in Frog Gigging, Clam Digging, Urchins, Mussels and More!

Jugging for snapping turtles and jugging for catfish is somthing that I had never even heard of until I went back to Ohio to visit my brother.  I learned how to jug for snapping turtles and how to jug for catfish on my second day there!  Until then, I had only caught catfish using a fishing pole or throw line. Fishing with jugs is a lot like fishing with trot lines except you are just using a jug and one hook.  It was fun, but you better check your fish and game regulations in your area before you try it as it is illegal in many areas.  Anyway, here is how to jug for turtles and the art of jugging for catfish in a nutshell in this fishing article.

We have articles on everything from shad fishing, frog gigging, catching crawfish, and trout fishing to getting clams, mussels and sea urchins and much much more!  Our fishing articles have become at the top of popularity on Google and consistently rank at or near the top and you will see why when you read them.  Check them out and Enjoy!

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How To Build A Clam Pump, Build a Clam Pump

Mar 29 2012 03:57 AM | Capt. Garry in Frog Gigging, Clam Digging, Urchins, Mussels and More!

Building a clam pump and knowing how to use a clam pump will save you a lot of time and work when you go clam digging.  Building a clam pump is easy and inexpensive and this article on how to build a clam pump will be all you need besides the materials and your time.  How to use a clam pump is simple and once you start using a clam pump for digging clams, you will never go back to the shovel!

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Frog Gigging - How To Frog Gig From An Old Pro...

Frog gigging is a sport that requires a degree of devotion that most sportsmen just don’t seem to have any longer.  I think a lot of it is that the taste buds of the more modern fisherman, and mostly their reluctance to eat out of the ordinary foods, has dwindled over the years.  It is amazing how many of my friends won’t even try frog legs when in fact, they are my very favorite food on this planet along with wild ducks, crawfish, and abalone.  Matter of fact, they are a favorite of my whole family, and growing up they were something that we each would hide from each other so that we could have them all, just like the one chicken gizzard on the barbeque or the fried perch roe that never made it from the stove!  So my friends, here is how to frog gig and have some fun while gigging frogs!

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