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Catching Striped Bass With A Bobber - A good striped bass fishing technique

Catching striped bass can be done in many ways, as you can see by reading my fishing blog here on Fishnfools.com.  Catching striped bass with a bobber is another striped bass fishing technique that you might try.  It is a simple way to catch striped bass that most folks have never tried and is a great way to catch striped bass that is exciting and relaxing along with not needing a bunch of expensive tackle.  Give this striped bass fishing technique a try and let me know what you think of this striper fishing tip.
This striped bass fishing rig is a simple set up.  It is just like bobber fishing for crappie on a bigger scale.  I like to use big gobes or other baitfish that I catch such as split tail or pike.  Use what ever size you prefer, but the bigger the bait, the bigger the fish.  Just make sure you bring some bigger bobbers so that your bait fish can’t pull it under the water.  Tie a hook on the end of the line with a 3 way swivel up about 2 or 3 feet above the bait fish.  Use a split ring and attach a weight that is adequate to keep your bait under the water.   Hook the bait fish with a large hook under the dorsal fin.

When striped bass fishing using this technique, you might adjust the depth of your bait from time to time, but start at about 8 feet down.  Just toss the bobber out and wait!  You can either anchor or drift along.  I prefer to drift unless I am near where there is water running into the area from the tide, an irrigation pump, or some other reason.  Then, I like to stay near the moving water as the fish like to come to it.  The bobber will be quite active and if you have a big bait fish on, you may have to get used to it seeming like you have a bite all the time.  But, you will know when that big striped bass hits the bait fish as it will hit it hard and be unmistakable!

Some folks will use a bait runner reel for this striped bass fishing technique, which isn’t a bad idea.  But, if you get hit hard, set the hook as the striped bass will not like the resistance feel from the bobber when he hits it.  Here is a reason to use a little smaller bait so the big ones can take it into their engine room right off the bat instead of hitting it in the head to kill it and then turning it around to swallow it.  I personally like a 6 to 10 inch bait fish for catching striped bass this way.  Some folks like to use perch or bluegill, but you need to check the rules on using baitfish in the area that you are from.

Anyway, make sure you read my other striped bass fishing articles here in Capt. Garry’s Fishing Blogs on our site such as the fun one about catching stripers in fast moving shallow water or learn the best lures for striper fishing on one of the many others.  And we love comments on our blogs as well as you having your fishing stories and techniques in our fishing forums.  Of course, pictures are always fun to have on our site, and remember that our site is all free and we would love to have you join us.  Good luck with your fishing!