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Catching Bass in Small Farm Ponds - How to fish small farm ponds for bass.

Catching bass in a small pond or fishing for bass in a farm pond is much different than catching bass in large ponds or lakes.  Bass fishing in small ponds requires just a few small pond fishing techniques and tips that I will discuss in this bass fishing article.  You will learn the best ways to catch bass in a farm pond and how to fish bass in small ponds successfully in just a few minutes of reading and I am sure you will find this to be one of the best farm pond fishing articles that you have run across.  Our fishing blogs are the best fishing articles on the net so browse around and enjoy the many useful fishing articles that are available here on Fishnfools.com.
Small farm pond fishing differs from fishing large ponds in that the shade and fish habitat is very limited, as is the shape of the bottom.  Many times, these small farm ponds are simple ovals that are shallow at the shores and evenly and gently sloped to the middle, except for a dam on one end that might drop off deeper more rapidly.  These small ponds are usually best fished from the shore and can easily be walked entirely around in a half hour and fished around in an hour or so.  There are usually weeds and moss along the shore and often just a tree or two as any trees that do sprout are eaten by the livestock that water there---which is why these ponds were usually built in the first place.  Often, the only shade is under these weeds along the banks of these shallow farm ponds.  Given there are usually few trees, there are few tree stumps or brush for cover.  The ponds are often much cooler in the deepest parts in the center or along the dam.  

The best time to fish small farm ponds is early in the morning at day break or late in the evening.  Often, the best way to fish a small farm pond is to be there first thing in the morning, rather than in the evening, because no one has fished it yet.  Unless you know the pond and that it hasn’t been fished, you may be fishing a pond that someone has just left, and that isn’t good!   When fishing for bass in a small pond, it is best that the pond hasn’t been fished for a few days and not the same day for sure.  When fishing for bass in a small farm pond, you usually will catch 99% of the nice bass on the first walk around the pond and after that, they are spooked for the day or longer.  So, the best tips for fishing farm ponds is to get there at day break and plan on catching fish your first time around only.  This means fishing in a small farm pond is best done alone, and if you do fish with someone, either move slowly and take turns,or fish in different directions and accept that you will each get to fish half of the pond.  You might even agree to a place in the pond where you will each fish to so that it is evenly split so there is no racing each other!  Flip a coin for who gets which direction if one is better.

The best way to catch bass in a farm pond is with a lure.  I like to use a spinner bait to catch bass in a small pond if the weeds aren’t too thick.  If there is a lot of grass, weeds, or moss in the water, I like to use a weedless frog or other weedless top water plug.  You can also rig a weedless worm and work it like a snake across the weeds as well but whatever you cast must have some weight to it for casting a long distance.  These bass in these shallow farm ponds are right on the shore and if they see you and you spook them, they are gone for good.  Nothing is worse than seeing the swirl of a 10 pounder as it darts away for cover.  This is when you need a boot behind you that you can pull a string and kick yourself in the butt for blowing it!  So, other good tips for catching bass in small farm ponds are to move slowly and quietly, taking a few steps at a time and casting ahead a good distance so you don’t scare your prey!  Also, remember that when you do catch a bass in a farm pond, that all the bass that you drag the one on your line through will dart away and your fishing for them is done for the day.  Fish the pond in small increments so you don’t ruin your own fishing.  Cast fifty feet or so and then walk 10 feet and cast fifty feet again so you are only fishing 10 feet of the pond at a time so if you do hook up, you haven’t ruined ahead of that point and you are staying away from where you are fishing so you don’t spook them.

Later in the day, when the water heats up, you might find one laying in the deep part of the pond with a rubber worm if you are lucky.  But, make sure you bring some worms and a bobber as the bluegill are usually thick and that is some fun fishing and great eating!  

Remember that when you are fishing in small farm ponds for bass that it is a small pond and you can fish all the big bass out in no time and wreck the fishing for yourself and others.  Release the big bass for fun later and if don’t hesitate to take a few small ones for the table to put with the perch.  That is how to catch bass in a small pond and tips for catching bass in farm ponds that should make your small pond fishing trip fun and successful.  Check out our other fishing articles here in Capt. Garry’s Fishing Blogs on Fishnfools.com and we sure love hearing your tips, stories, and fishing reports in our fishing forums.  You can also write your own fishing blog here as well!  Our fishing site is free and fun so come aboard!


Jun 05 2012 08:56 PM
Great read!