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Freshwater Fishing

Fishing For Striped Bass In Shallow Fast Flowin...

Mar 29 2012 05:16 AM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

Fishing for striped bass in swift water that is shallow with only a live bullhead or minnow is a great striped bass fishing technique that I promise will be some of the best striped bass fishing you will ever experience. There is no weight and the stripers strike right at the boat where your line and drag are unforgiving! Fishing for striped bass in shallow flowing water coming out of a wier, pond, or any place where it is swift and apt to have baitfish coming out is what you are after. Read this striper fishing article and you will want to try it tomorrow!

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How To Use A Bait Runner Reel and How to Fish W...

Mar 28 2012 03:28 PM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

You need to know how to use a bait runner reel for catching striped bass if you already don't use one properly. Using a bait runner reel for fishing stripers is one of the most effective ways to catch big striped bass of the many ways to catch striped bass. With this bait running rig the bait fish remains alive and swims and presents itself naturally to the fish. Using very large baitfish with this bait runner setup can be a way to catch those huge stiped bass without losing your bait to the smaller fish every time you turn around. My cousin caught a monster using a bait fish over 25 inches! Using a bait runner real and how to fish with a bait runner reel is explained fully here so read on and enjoy!

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Presenting Bait To Trout - Best Trout Fishing Tips

Mar 29 2012 03:53 PM | Capt. Garry in Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

One of the best trout fishing tips for stream fishing that I can tell you is how to properly present the bait to trout when trout fishing in streams. A good basic trout fishing lesson is how to present bait naturally to trout which is all about the drift. Presenting a fly to trout in a stream or the presentation of any bait to a trout when stream fishing has the same goal and underlying concept and judgeing the stream along with using the proper tackle to obtain the best trout bait presentation are discussed in this trout fishing technique article. Make sure you read our entire trout fishing section if you like to trout fish as there are some of the best trout fishing tips available in these articles. Feel free to browse our entire fishing blog's articles for all types of fishing as the amount of fishing information will blow you away and you will come to see why this fishing blog is rated among the best fishing blogs on the internet to date!

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Best Striped Bass Trolling Tips, Best lures for...

Jun 01 2012 05:54 PM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

Trolling for stripers is one of the best ways to catch striped bass and a fun striper fishing technique among the many other ways to fish for stripers. The best speed for trolling for striped bass is usually faster than most people would think. Striped bass swim fast and will attack anything that they can catch. Even though your striper trolling speed is fast, if you think about it, you are probably still trolling much slower than what the average bait fish can swim when he has a big open striper mouth behind him! Having said that, like any fish, striped bass eat what they can catch and often an injured or slow baitfish is easy prey. These might move a little slower and be the best food for a striped bass at the time. So, when you are trolling for striped bass, you may alter your speed from time to time if they aren’t biting and see if you can stir up some striper action. However, you may want to move to a different area if you have made 8 or 10 passes in an area and you have had no luck or perhaps try some bait fishing for stripers in case they are being lazy.

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Jigging For Crappie - How to Catch Crappie With...

Apr 06 2012 06:57 PM | Capt. Garry in Crappie Fishing, Bluegill Fishing, Other Panfish

Jigging For Crappie

Jigging for crappie has always been one of my favorite kinds of fishing.  Not only is it usually productive and relatively fast action, they are definitely one of my favorite fish to catch and eat along with fishing for bluegill and perch. Nothing makes a better picture or story than a five foot stringer of crappie and the ensuing fish fry that comes with it!  Catching crappie with jigs and fishing for crappie with minnows is what this crappie fishing article is all about!  Good luck with your crappie fishing trip and I hope the crappie bite is on!

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Using Crankbaits, How to use a crankbait, best...

When fishing with a crankbait for bass, you must consider a few key factors.   These factors are primarily, what is the best color crank bait for fishing in the area you are fishing in, what is the best depth to fish crank baits to catch the most bass, and how to fish with a crank bait for best results.  As you will come to find out, only actually trying different types of crankbaits and fishing them at different depths and around different structure will actually answer these crankbait fishing questions for certain.  However, there are a few crankbait fishing tips that are helpful to begin with and I will share a few of my thoughts with you on how to use a crankbait, my favorite colors of crankbaits, and how I like to fish them along with where to use a deep diving crankbait, where to use a shallow diving crankbait, as well as the mid diving crank bait.  Enjoy this article and the other 100+ other articles I have written here and take a minute and check out our fishing website! Its all 100% Free!

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How To Catch Sturgeon, Best Sturgeon Fishing Ti...

Mar 29 2012 04:46 PM | Capt. Garry in Sturgeon Fishing

How to fish for sturgeon is discussed fully in this article along with other sturgeon fishing articles on this site.  Fishing for sturgeon takes patience and time and you need the best sturgeon fishing bait and you better know how to rig for sturgeon fishing along with the best tackle to use for sturgeon fishing.  Without the proper sturgeon fishing tackle your chance to land a big sturgeon might go down the drain and not having good bait for sturgeon might not even give  you a chance at catching sturgeon.  You also need to know how to use a sturgeon snare when fighting and landing a big sturgeon and there is a good article here on this, one of "the best sturgeon fishing websites", site.  Read these and you are set for sturgeon fishing!  Make sure you read the great striped bass fishing articles here to because if your are in sturgeon country, you are probably in striper country as well!

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Fishing For Stiped Bass Using Cut Bait and Bait...

Mar 29 2012 05:22 PM | Capt. Garry in Striped Bass Fishing

Fishing for stiped bass using cut bait such as anchovies, sardines, and shad is a great way to kill a day and to teach kids how to catch striped bass.  There are other baits that you can use such as pile worms and blood worms that are among the best striper baits to use, but using cut bait is right up there with the all the other striper fishing methods.  Catching striped bass on bait is busy fishing usually as you find yourself catching striped bass that are undersized quite often.  Also, when you are fishing for sturgeon, you are fishing while anchored and you can bait a second pole for stripers, which are usually right with the sturgeon, and kill to birds with one stone!  Sturgeon will also hit about any cut bait that a striper will eat as well.  But, if you like fishing for striped bass, this is fun fishing even for the experienced.  When a big striper grabs that cut bait, you know it and some of the biggest striped bass I have ever caught were by using cut bait and fishing from the bank.  Teaching kids how to fish for striped bass with bait will hang with them the rest of their life and bait fishing for striped bass will keep them occupied as well while you enjoy your fishing!  Just make sure the first thing you do is teach them how to cut bait and bait their hooks so you don't become a fishing nanny!  Good luck

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How To Catch Bullhead Catfish - Yellow Cat Fishing

Catching bullhead catfish can be fast and furious fishing when they are about to spawn.  The water temperature for bullhead catfish to spawn is between 79 and 89 degrees but much colder when their eggs and sperm are developing and these yellow catfish bite best during this period.  This time, when the water is cold and clear, is the best time for catching yellow catfish as their meat is firm and mild to the taste.  Later, when the water warms up, they can get a little mushy and muddy tasting but they are one of the best eating catfish if you get them at the right time and place.  Catching them is easy and fun.  Here is how to catch bullhead catfish in a nutshell so take the kids and have some fun catching catfish as fast as you can reel them in.  Don't miss this killer channel catfishing article either!

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Catching Channel Catfish Using Lures and Bait -...

Channel catfishing is different than catching bullheads, blue catfish, and others.  Channel cats swim faster, are much more aggressive, and like swift water.  Catching channel catfish is more active as they cover a wider range and hunt midstream, on the bottom, and even on the top of the water!  I have caught a bunch of channel catfish in the main stream of the river in mid summer as well as in backwater sloughs while casting spinner baitsand crank baits for black bass.  I have caught them on minnows when  I was crappie fishing and fishing with nightcrawlers just for them in really swift water that was flowing over a weir.  Catching channel catfish is not to be overlooked as a great freshwater gamefishing sport.  Channel cats also can fight like hell, especially a ten pounder!

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Sight Fishing Bass, Catching Bass on their Nest...

Sight fishing largemouth bass is a favorite type of bass fishing for many black bass fishermen.  What is sight fishing, you ask?  This is seeing the bass on their nests and using a lure to anger them into attacking it as they protect their eggs.  Fishing for bass while they are on their nest in the springtime is one of the best bass fishing methods and the most popular bass fishing techniques employed by bass fishermen during the springtime.   The bass are spawning in shallow water when the water temperature reaches the mid 60 degree range and are often visible from the surface on their nests and these males, who are the ones who build and guard the nest, are very aggressive and will attack any invader with full force and the intent to kill the predator.  Seeing the bass on their nests as you search along for them, and then casting in to their nesting area is what sight fishing is all about.  Catching bass while spawning with a “creature” bait, such as a frog, lizard, fish or other lifelike lure or even using a spinner bait if that is all you happen to have, by teasing these watchful future fathers can be a highly productive bass fishing method and one of the most exciting bass fishing methods you can find.

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Spinnerbait Fishing - How to use a spinnerbait....

Using spinnerbaits is a great way to catch bass almost anywhere and at any time.  Fishing with spinnerbaits is exciting and much easier than you think and a good consistent way to catch bass.  I feel the same way about fishing with senko worms, crank baits, and frogs.  I love fishing black bass, but I will admit that I am more of a weekend warrior and not as serious about it as many are, as I spend a lot more of my time diving and spear fishing, abalone diving, trout fishing, striped bass fishing, frog gigging, and all my other bad habits that I am more serious about and have written in depth about!  But, for many beginner fishermen with limited time, money, and effort, this article is a good practical spinnerbait article.

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Fishing Senko Worms - How To Fish Senko Worms,...

Knowing how to use senko worms for bass fishing is a must for all bass fishermen.  Fishing with senkos is a great way of  catching post spawn bass in the spring and using senko worms when the fish are in deeper water at any time is always worth a try when you are having trouble catching them.  Fishing with a Yamamoto senko worm can be done in several ways.  Rigging the senko can be done either in a weedless Texas style or by rigging the senko in a “whacky” manner, or less commonly with some weight.  I will explain the best way to use a senko worm in more detail below- at least how I have had the best success fishing with the plastic senko worm.  I also like fishing with spinnerbaits and my philosophy on using them is simpler than most folks' and I would love to hear more comments on that and more of your thoughts and ideas on using a senko worm.

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Fishing For Trout With Power Bait

Mar 28 2012 04:11 PM | Capt. Garry in Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

Catching trout with power bait in lakes is usually the most effective way to fish for lake trout when fishing from shore.  Using power bait to catch trout when fishing in lakes requires a simple, but essential, power bait set up that allows the power bait to float off the bottom of the lake 18 inches or so where the fish are feeding and can see it.  Fishing with power bait is perfect for fishing in lakes because the power bait naturally floats so it is just a matter of baiting power bait correctly.  You should also check out my article here on the best lures for fishing for trout as well and if your are fishing for lake trout with a boat, read the one about trolling for trout in lakes as well.  Both good trout fishing articles.

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The Best Lure For Trout Fishing In Streams - Th...

May 18 2012 03:02 PM | Capt. Garry in Trout Fishing - Catching Trout in Lakes and Streams

What is the best lure for stream fishing trout?  In my opinion, Panther Martin lures are the best lure for catching trout in streams by far, but I have had some pretty good luck with cast master lures as well in the larger bodies of water and in when trolling for trout in lakes.  Using a lure when fishing for trout in a stream requires that it looks like something trout naturally feed on, that it can be casted with accuracy, and that the retrieve can begin before the lure hits the bottom and picks up moss or snags.  I have used a lot of lures for catching trout in streams over the years and I have long ago come to the conclusion that Panther Martin lures are the best lures for trout fishing in creeks.  Matter of fact, when I go stream fishing for German Brown trout, Brook Trout, or even rainbow trout, I leave with four or five Panther Martin lures as my entire tackle box!  If you love trout fishing, make sure you check out the entire trout fishing article section on our site.  It's a fun read and you will learn something about trout fishing in both lakes and streams.

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