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Quepos Costa Rica Fishing- The True Fishing Paradise

Posted by queposfishing in Quepos Costa Rica Fishing, 28 March 2014 · 8 views
fishing in quepos, quepos fishing and 1 more...

Quepos Costa Rica Fishing- The True Fishing Paradise Talk Costa Rica. Talk Quepos. Talk Fishing. There is no other fishing paradise in the world that can be as enriching as Quepos Costa Rica fishing  can be. You truly get motivated about Quepos waters right from the moment you step in here. All around you are the tourists from almost every part of the world, coming to Quepos for a memorable lifetime experie...


Manuel Antonio- All About Fishing And Fishing Charters

Posted by queposfishing in Manuel Antonio Fishing, 28 March 2014 · 6 views
Manuel Antonio Fishing and 2 more...

Manuel Antonio- All About Fishing And Fishing Charters If there is one place in Costa Rica which is as famous as the mainland itself, it is Manuel Antonio. This pacific town in Costa Rica is all about waters. Talk about Manuel Antonio fishing  and talk about Manuel Antonio fishing charters. There is nothing else you can think of at such a place where water is defined in an exquisitely unique way!

Manuel Anto...


On Board Passengers To Explore Quepos

Posted by queposfishing in Queposfishingcharters.com, 28 March 2014 · 7 views
fishing in quepos and 1 more...

On Board Passengers To Explore Quepos Quepos is the laziest town in Costa Rica, where the time moves on slowly on its own course and pace. And the same is true about Quepos waters. One may never imagine the natural wealth that lies underneath these calm waters in the place! And the fish? That is the prime reason for the travelers who prefer Costa Rica to any other glamorous town in the world....


Quepos Boats And Quepos Fishing – Once In A Lifetime Affair

Posted by queposfishing in Quepos Fishing, 27 March 2014 · 10 views

Once you land in Quepos, you can see your list of activities re-prioritizing themselves. Because here, there is nothing that comes prior to Quepos fishing and Quepos boats ! That is how Quepos is known to the rest of the world. Obviously, the fishing lovers consider it a magnanimous opportunity to get indulged with Costa Rica fishing charters. Never make...



Posted by fishinginquepos in Queposcostaricafishing Blog, 19 March 2014 · 13 views


Queposcostaricafishing.com offers their clients the unforgettable fishing experience in Quepos, Costa Rica. They can provide you with a magical fishing in Quepos you will never forget.

Company Overview:

Whether you love the thrill of getting a big catch or you simply want some tasty fresh fish to indulge in; there is a lot...


Top three reasons to book Quepos fishing charters

Posted by queposfishingcharters in Queposfishingcharters.com, 16 December 2013 · 77 views
quepos fishing report

Top three reasons to book Quepos fishing charters Have you ever experienced a fishing trip upon one of the fantastic Quepos boats ? If not, then you are seriously missing out. This is undoubtedly something that everybody should try once, and here are three reasons why…

1.    Diverse species of fish

Once you hop upon one of the Quepos fishing charters you will have the opportunity to catch a wealth of...


From: Fishing In The Sacramento Delta, Sacramento Delta Fishing Tips

Posted by Capt. Garry in Official Fishnfools.com Blog with Capt. Garry, 09 December 2012 · 456 views

The Sacramento delta fishing area includes about 1000 miles of waterways, including the Sacramento River, the San Joaquin River, and untold sloughs and back waters.  The best fishing in the Sacramento Delta may be...



Posted by The Pirate in The Pirate's Blog, 19 November 2012 · 404 views

How many people here use downriggers for trolling? And, how many use flashers or dodgers when you troll?

Pirates Den Fishing is nearing completion of a totally new and innovative product for you.

We would also like to know roughly how many people fish for flounder vs how many gig for them. If you gig for flounder, what is the normal depth you gig at, do...


The Importance of Brook Trout in Our Environment

Posted by matthewrich in Matthew Rich's Blog, 02 November 2012 · 679 views

Posted Image
The brook trout are primarily found in the eastern U.S. The only way they can survive is if the waters are clean and cold. In other words, they are a product of their environment and when that environment starts to decline, so too does the population. Unfortunately, over the last 10 years there...


In refrence to capt.Gary's blog on spinnerbaits

Posted by always bent in always bent's Blog, 19 July 2012 · 737 views

In refrence to capt.Gary's blog on spinnerbaits dear fellow fisherman,
Capt. Gary gave you his view on spinner bait fishing. My view is not the same. First and foremost," any spinner bait will do and...


Cass River Fishing Baits.

Posted by bst48612 in bst48612's Blog, 15 June 2012 · 1,406 views
Michigan, river, bait, crappie and 5 more...

Cass River Fishing Baits.   Baits For River Fishing
One thing i can say is Shrimp, is not a good bait in the Cass River, or At least it wasn't for me. I took 20 raw Shrimp, and sprayed cooking oil, and garlic powder all over them. Sat them in the sun for a...


Some Posts Added to the Forums

Posted by Crazfingers69 in Craz's Gone Fishin Blog, 29 May 2012 · 675 views
Forum Posts

Some Posts Added to the Forums I spent a little time today adding a couple of posts to the fly fishing section and a couple of others. In the fly fishing section I added a nice 12 step beginner video series by Scott Cesari on fly tying and also a post on the three things I feel are important to know when fishing.

Yestrday was a good day on the lake with the fly rod as I caught 9 nice...


Pier Slips Still Available

Posted by RiverCityMarina in RiverCityMarina's Blog, 24 April 2012 · 563 views

We still have a few pier slips available for the 2012 boating season. Slip rentals are $1500 for the season and use can begin immediatly. Call us with any questions or concerns at 262-534-5311. Happy boating!

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