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Cass River Fishing Baits.

Posted by bst48612 , 15 June 2012 · 1,406 views

Michigan river bait crappie bass catfish night crawler worms shad
Cass River Fishing Baits.   Baits For River Fishing
One thing i can say is Shrimp, is not a good bait in the Cass River, or At least it wasn't for me. I took 20 raw Shrimp, and sprayed cooking oil, and garlic powder all over them. Sat them in the sun for a day and gave 'em a try. Not a bite. Two hours with two lines out and not one single bite. Changed the shrimp about every 45 minutes or so just to keep it fresh. Still not a single bite on either line. I saw others pulling small 1-3 pound cats out of the water so i know they were bitin'. So Shrimp is crossed off of my list of baits for the river.

Fresh caught Shad/or any small fish
A couple years ago a man fishing near me told me how he always uses small fresh caught fish for bait. So i tried it. Not 30 minutes after i put the bait out i had a 10 pound sucker on my line. Ever since it has been one of the best, if not THE best bait ive ever used. Basically any small fish will work for this. 75% of the time i usually use little Crappie, or Bluegill. But just recently i was fishing and ran out of bait and nothing was biting. So i used a little Round Goby for bait, works just as well if not better than any other baitfish. Use a small size hook( i dont really know hook sizes well) i think size 12? Basically if it can fit into a small fishes mouth it'll work. No sinker or bobber and just let the hook fall down along the rocks/weeds near shore. Keep a little tupperware container with water for your live bait. I don't have much luck using them live, so i usually go with dead bait. Just set a chunk onto your favorite rig(Carolina rig best ive used) and put it out.

Night Crawlers/Worms
Probably the most common and widely used bait is Night Crawlers and Worms. Ive never failed using a basic Carolina Rig with a fat crawler. Always catch something, well most of the time. Unlike alot of baits crawlers can catch anything, from largemouth to carp. If your a casual fishermen, or experienced vet you probably use crawlers more than any other live bait. Crawlers are easily number one on my bait list.

Im not much into using minnows as bait, but when i have they worked well. Whether live or dead. Minnows are widely used for Northern, and any other type of Pike. I don't have much else to say as like i said i don't use them often. One thing i can say is STAY AWAY FROM PRESERVED SHAD AND MINNOWS! They are complete garbage! Went through two bags of them and never even got a bite with them. Stick to live fresh baits.

Misc. Baits
Some other baits that work well. Pickled Redhots are easily the best Catfish bait i have ever used in the Cass River. Pulled in more cats with them than anything else. Bread,Oatmeal are also good baits to use for bottom feeder fish. Another bait ive heard so much about(and yet to try) is Chicken Liver. Ive heard It is the one and only bait for catfish.


Spinner baits
When it comes to lures, the spinner bait is easily my favorite. Whether it be one of the Inline spinners or the Regular ones, you caint fail for Largemouth and Northerns. I mean ive even caught a Bullhead on a spinner bait. I pulled a 38+ inch Northern that snapped my rod in two when it hit on a yellow spinner. Biggest one ive seen out of the Cass yet
Hard Body Rattlers
If your hunting Northerns, a Rattler is the one lure you MUST have in your tackle. One summer i pulled in over 200+ Northerns on one single Rattler. Im not talking about $6.00 or $10.00 lures, I mean a $1.06 Walmart cheapo Rattler. They're cheap, durable and if you snag one up yourn ot out ten bucks. Ive pulled some monsters in using them, you can't go wrong with em. The biggest problem you'll have when fishing them in the Cass is snags. Tons of rocks and trees down in the water to where when your figuring out the snags in your spot, youll may lose 1 or 2 lures. But who cares they're only a dollar!

Two Piece Rapala
When it comes to these lures, they're right up there with Rattlers and Spinnerbaits. Ive used a dark red Storm with two treble hooks for 6 years now and has never let me down as a backup.(i know it says rapala but its basically the same thing) It's a shallow diver, maybe 1-2 feet down, and you can bring it in slow or fast works great both ways. One tip i can give is if your rod has the little hook holder right above the grip, put your line above that after the lure has hit water on a cast. When you bring it in it gives the lure an injured look and action to it. They sell a little device that does the same thing for about 20 bucks. I think its called the Line Dancer?

Spoons/Rubber Worms
Spoons have given great results when used in the correct area in the river. Mostly Northerns or Walleye on it, and one giant Alligator Snapper. The Red Devil is my favorite as it works the best for me. Snags are a main problem with spoons in the Cass also, you'll most likely lose a few while fishing. Rubber/fake worms im told are the best Large and SmallMouth Bass lure. I personally have never caught one thing using them, i don't know if i am just not good with them, or they're is nothing around to bite when i do. I have heard you have to practice a technique to get good with them, i don't use them enough to have figured it out yet. Snags are not a huge problem with them though, which is a plus.

These are some of the best baits and lures i have used in my 10 years of fishing the Cass River in Saginaw County, Michigan. I am only 19 and have fished this river most of my life. I have noticed a HUGE drop in Northern Pike population though, i have pulled one out in almost 2 years. The Catfish numbers are great though, alot of smallies right now at least, couple 10 pounders here and there.We did pull a Bowfin from the Cass over the weekend, which i have never seen in the river. Very strange but neat fish, i read they are only native to the great lakes, so someone probably released one a while back and its reproduced here. Comments and Feedback welcomed! Thanks for reading.

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