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Round Gobys For Bait.

Posted by bst48612 , 10 June 2012 · 514 views

Whoever says Round Gobys are useless to Fishing and just annoying to fishermen is wrong. Yesterday the only bait that worked was gobys. It is illegal to transport or keep any live or dead gobys out of the water though, you have to be careful how you use them. I usually just kill them and toss them back into the water. But when we ran out of shad we figured try the Goby. Within five minutes i had a catfish on the line, five more minutes go by my buddy gets a 22 inch Bowfin, which ive never seen in my 10 years of fishing the cass river. I added a picture of it to the blog. I dont know if it was just luck that gobys were amazing bait that day or if there an untapped bait source.

Most Gobys are right off the shore on and under rocks. I use a very tiny hook, dont know what size but small enough to fit in a minnows mouth. Put a small piece of worm on and let the hook fall down the side of the rock until you see the goby bite andj ust pull it out. I usually get 2-4 at a time then toss them into a little tub of water. First off, kill one. sever the head just behind the gills, and cut off the tail. leaving you with two pieces to use for bait, depending on the size of the goby. Both gobys i used were full of eggs, so it could be goby eggs that are good. You can put the goby on the hook any way you prefer. Im not claiming gobys will 100% catch you fish, but it did for me!

We used gobys in the Cass River in Michigan, if they dont work for you, then at least you helped kill some invasive fish, haha. Good Luck if you try em!

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