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In refrence to capt.Gary's blog on spinnerbaits

Posted by always bent , 19 July 2012 · 737 views

In refrence to capt.Gary's blog on spinnerbaits [attachment=1Attached Image Attached Image Attached Image 89:pipes june 2011spinner bait.png]dear fellow fisherman,
Capt. Gary gave you his view on spinner bait fishing. My view is not the same. First and foremost," any spinner bait will do and you'll be sucessful" is false. Post spawn bass are more likely to hit your spinnerbait while fishing. Time of day, the main forage of the body of water your fishing, and cloud cover all play roles in your sucess of catching bass. And this also plays a roll in color selection. Now i may not be as experienced as the good capt, however any spinner bait won't do. It is my opinion that terminator spinner baits are by far the best on the market. Their blades are not just shapes. Their blades unlike all others are far superior. these blades have special contours and deflect water and put off that vibration like a wounded bait fish. Now these baits aren't cheap, but i use what catches fish regardless of the price.
As far as color goes, it all dependes on what baitfish bass are feeding on, along with cloud cover, and time of day. Silver is a good color cause it resembels numerous bait fish, however it's my experience that white works best in the am especially when it's sunny. Darker color spinner baits work well when there's cloud cover or low light situations. Chartreuse, bluegill, and sexy sunfish are all great colors under these conditions. let us not forget black. black works well towards sun down.
It is my experience that the proper trailer makes the world of difference. Do you want to catch dinks or bass over several pounds and potential lunkers. I try to keep my trailers similar in color. Soft plastic swimbaits are exellent trailers. I also have sucess with twin grub and single trailers.
During retrieval i like runnig my baits low and slow with a pause every five to six revolutions. When bass are actively feeding and you know it, try a faster retrievel close to the surface like three to six inches under the water. Remember soft plastic swimbaits like yum money minnows. that paddle tail drive bass crazy.

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